Gatlinburg Wedding Venues

4 Points Farm

Everyone’s idea of romance is different. For some, a romantic getaway involves a transatlantic flight or luxury cruise ship. But one of the most romantic places on earth is right in your own backyard: The Smoky Mountains.

The beauty of the Smoky Mountains has made Gatlinburg, TN, one top wedding destinations in East Tennessee. We understand that planning a wedding is already stressful and full of choices to make, so we thought we would start a small blog series about some of the most amazing wedding venues in Gatlinburg, TN, and what better place to start than one the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in The Smoky Mountains: 4 Points Farm


What Make 4 Points Farm one of the best Wedding Venues in Gatlinburg TN?

Nestled on 10 acres of land in and convenient to both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN, 4 Points Farm offers the perfect balance of modern convenience, natural beauty, and vintage charm. For over 4 generations, Families have cold this land home, with remnants of times past scattered through out the property reminding all of us of how hard yet simple life use to be. The one thing that always remains is the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery here.

To top things off, the Venue itself is a beautiful climate controlled rustic barn offering over 6000 square feet for your pleasure and entertainment. Need a patio?  No Worries! Just outside the big double doors of the barn is a beautiful 2,000 square foot patio space, making 4 Points Farm one of the top outdoor wedding venues in Gatlinburg, TN, offering some of the most amazing back drops for any wedding photographer.

In addition, several nearby attractions – such as Dollywood and Ripley’s Aquarium – make Gatlinburg an ideal place for an extended stay before and after the wedding. Whether the wedding party is just two sweethearts or a larger group of guests, Gatlinburg is an ideal vacation spot that combines romance with the rustic outdoors, as well as many opportunities for shopping, dining, and more.

An unforgettable wedding experience awaits you, with a wedding venue in Gatlinburg anxious to make the most important day in you life one you will not soon forget. And of course who could forget, if your going to have a wedding in the Smoky Mountains, your probably going to need a Gatlinburg Catering Company.

4 Points Farm has got everything but the groom for your Smoky Mountain wedding. Whatever kind of wedding you are imagining, from candle light ceremonies to catered parties, they’ve got what you need